Out of Site – Exhibition @ CAST

23/07/2011 – 28/08/2011
Out Of Site 
Curator: Claire Needham

Out of Site is the work of six Tasmanian artists, responding to various sites of incarceration in Colonial Van Dieman’s Land; examining the history of orphanages, barracks, ports, gaols, farms, islands and other settlements and the lives contained by these walls. Space and place-specific works incorporating painting, sculpture, video, printmaking and digital imaging, bring together a contemporary view of men, women and children who were placed ‘out of sight, out of mind’.

CAST Website for more info


Skullbone Plains

In April I went on another trip for the Tasmanian Land Conservancy. This time to Skullbone Plains as part of their New Leaf project.

On the way to the plains, we passed through some old logging areas, which are now reserved for the Wedge-Tailed Eagles  as a nest was found about 10 meters from the road!

There was a natural spring near our campsite and the area is full of little creeks and ponds. The endangered species in this area are a small fish (Clarence Galaxis) and Sphagnum moss. I saw my first wild quoll which was leaping about a few meters from our camp. A few of us walked off to Lake Ina which has sandy banks and was just like standing on a beach.

red spider

There are a lot of spiders in this area, with webs and burrows everywhere. I saw 4 or 5 different species but some were too swift to capture on film.  Oh and I did end up finding some skull-bones too – from a wombat.

I also found this little cocoon thing and I am curious to know what it belongs to. I think its made of silk but what emerged from it? Any ideas?

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Upcoming Exhibitions

There are two fantastic group shows (which I have work in) coming up very soon. They both open on the same night, but at opposite ends of the state.  Make sure you get along to one!

♦ Vale of Belvoir, Tasmanian Land Conservancy Exhibition

03 December at 14:00 – Friday, 07 January 2011 at 17:00

The Wilderness Gallery @ Cradle Mountain

“In the shadow of Cradle Mountain the Vale of Belvoir stands alone as one of the only remaining grasslands of its kind in the world. It is the only surviving valley of its kind, unchanged since the time when glaciers covered much of highland Tasmania.

One of the University of Tasmania’s leading scientists Professor Jamie Kirkpatrick described it as “a place of global significance for its rich and dense marsupial carnivore fauna”. It is now owned and managed for conservation by the Tasmanian Land Conservancy.

This exhibition will explore ever widening ways of relating to the landscape of the Vale of Belvoir through the medium of photography.

The exhibition will feature some of Tasmania’s finest wilderness photographers as well as established and emerging fine art photographers. This exhibition will be a true survey of how photography can capture light upon the land. ”

There are many photographers involved in this exhibition; Rob Blakers, Paul Hoelen, Grant Dixon, Richard Jupe, Donna Bershoeff, Claire Needham, Jim Russell, Matt Newton, Simon Olding..to name a few.




♦  CAST Members’ Show 2010

Opening: Friday 3 December 2010

4 – 22 December  2010

27 Tasma Street, North Hobart, Tasmania 7000

“The annual CAST Members’ Exhibition represents the diversity of work being produced by members. Each year the community that supports CAST comes together to celebrate the year that has been, filling the gallery with a vibrant mix of works.”


Photographing Dessert

Ever since seeing Marie Antoinette I’ve been lusting after parisan macaroons (or more correctly macaron), they come in lovely pastel shades and just look delicious. After taking a peek in a new cake shop I was surprised to find some and promptly bought several. I delicately positioned them in my little light tent and snapped away with the help of a variegated camellia.

macaroon - Claire Needham

There were delicious by the way!!

A bit of this and that.

I have been a bit slack with updating the blog 😦

But I can tell you what I’ve been shooting; some portrait work for a local metal band, toddler portraiture, live band shots, wilderness shots near Collins Cap, snow shots at the springs, rainy streetscapes …and I have a wedding coming up next week!! I love the variety of shooting different styles and types of photography.

In 3 more sleeps I’ll be heading back up to Cradle Mt and the Vale of Belvoir. I’m quite excited as I have a newer/better camera and tripod this time and a nice filter to play with. Hopefully the weather will be less crazy, only a few days back I heard tourists had been stranded as it had snowed down to 400m and the roads were closed! I also have some new walking/camping gear…as long as the gear doesn’t get wet it should all be good.

Cobweb Gallery, Cygnet

It is my great pleasure to have some work in local gallery, set up by a dear friend of mine. Please do check it out if you are in the area. I managed to get along for the opening night and snap off some shots for them. If the ‘white cube’ world of galleries is leaving you a bit stale, check them out for a different sort of art.

Cobweb Designs Gallery “…a place of Art, Jewellery, and the Esoteric.”

Cobweb Designs

Cobweb Designs is now open in Cygnet opposite the Red Velvet Lounge.

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