Skullbone Plains

In April I went on another trip for the Tasmanian Land Conservancy. This time to Skullbone Plains as part of their New Leaf project.

On the way to the plains, we passed through some old logging areas, which are now reserved for the Wedge-Tailed Eagles  as a nest was found about 10 meters from the road!

There was a natural spring near our campsite and the area is full of little creeks and ponds. The endangered species in this area are a small fish (Clarence Galaxis) and Sphagnum moss. I saw my first wild quoll which was leaping about a few meters from our camp. A few of us walked off to Lake Ina which has sandy banks and was just like standing on a beach.

red spider

There are a lot of spiders in this area, with webs and burrows everywhere. I saw 4 or 5 different species but some were too swift to capture on film.  Oh and I did end up finding some skull-bones too – from a wombat.

I also found this little cocoon thing and I am curious to know what it belongs to. I think its made of silk but what emerged from it? Any ideas?

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